Monday, October 17, 2011

A little closer, Just for Paul

An artistic view of two rocks and a tree. And the sky of course!

This shot was Parker's idea. I thought it was a good idea but for some reason he didn't want to get down on the ground to take it. LOL


  1. Just for Me? LOL

    I think you are on to something! This puts a little more in the foreground. Now all you need to do is take the sky from your first picture and put it in the second picture...

  2. I recognize that spot. Paul you should have heard all the moaning and groaning as Ron got to the ground to take that pic. After hearing all that I figured it was best to just observe!LOL Got to say though, that 100 pound backpack Ron carries would add an extra moan to anyone!

  3. You're back!! I figured your were going to stay for another week since TJ showed up.

    Next time you get to get down on the ground! LOL


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