Monday, October 10, 2011

Roughing it in Camp Doris of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Man-O-Man, it was really tough camping out for a whole week in the moutains. I wasn't sure I was going to make it! LOL

A friend of ours let us use his 40 foot motor-coach for the week and talk about luxury! There was real tile on the floors in the kitchen and bathrooms, two flat screen TV's, air conditioning that you could hang meat in and more little bells and whistles than you could ever use.

The motor-coach had two slides on one side that added an extra two feet to the interior width. There was plenty of room for us and all of our friends that came to visit and then some.

You couldn't have wanted for anything more except maybe a little reminder of Hawaii and I brought that with us. LOL

I learned that when traveling by motor-coach you just have to have the lighted yard art with you.

Parker is still there today and I think he will be home in just a couple of more days.

I was lucky to be able to post any photos from this trip. When I got up this morning and plugged my memory card into the computer that had over two hundred photos from last week I got an error message saying the card was corrupted and nothing could be read. After trying it on two other computers and four card readers and still getting the same message I was starting to get depressed, OK, maybe I was getting more mad than depressed. I was able to get on the Internet and find a free program that reconstructs the files and that allowed me to get the photos off the card.

If this ever happens to you I would recommend this program. The photo recovery part of it is free and it worked great!


  1. That is a nice RV! I wish I could be there on this trip, it seems to me you, and Cheryl had a good time with other friends. Hopefully, I could visit camp Doris this Nov. to catch the Fall colors around the mountain.

  2. Glad you were able to recover your photographs! Loosing those would have been the second worst thing that could have happened... (Worst thing would be loosing Hawaii photos!)

    Talk about "Camping" in style! Probably didn't even have to leave your mansion on wheels except to hang that beautiful laser etched custom sign on a nearby tree! LOL

  3. Everyone should have been there the night Ron and Cheryl made a beautiful Pasta Dinner for our crowd! Food was excellent and the Coach accomodated seating and plenty of room for all. There was still room for a couple more!


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