Sunday, October 16, 2011

That's it folks!

After 18 months of unemployment, and attending school.  I finally found a job!  After those time being at home, the first few days or weeks, I'm going to look like that kid in the picture every morning before I go to work.  LOL.   



  1. Congratulations Q!!

    I guess that means no more trips to Hawaii anytime soon. LOL

    But, it does mean you might get a new camera sooner rather than later!

  2. How excellent is that! A heart felt congrations you must be very happy!

    Hope your new job goes well. Hope you still have time to go out and take photographs too

  3. As I comment here this AM I hope you are ' Up and at'um ' and working at a job you enjoy. Congrats on a new career!

  4. Enjoy working and earn a lot to buy new toys(machines) :D


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