Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little bit of history

Parker and I went for a hike one day to check out a spot we had been looking at for some time. Yea, I know, we seem to go on a lot of hikes, huh? LOL

This is a spot where the old Spanish trail from the 1700's came through the area skirting the base of the mountain range. It's normally grown up with grass but since the wildfires that started this year the ground is now clear and you can see things that haven't been seen for decades, if not centuries.

Unless you know what you are looking for it's kind of hard to see so I've drawn some lines in this photo showing what looks like a wash on the hill side. This is where the ground was compressed by the carts and animals and then the water has naturally used the low spot as a run off. You could even see spots where they had come through and piled the larger rocks along the side to smooth out this field of cobble stones.

It was a little strange walking in the foot steps of what could have been conquistadors from Spain. Don Quixote has nothing on us!


  1. No kidding! This is very cool... Talk about history coming alive!

    I could see it, a group of travelers making their way along this old trail and pitching their garbage into the nearby brush... Old bottles and who knows what else.

    So did you find anything worth telling about?

  2. We didn't find anything at all which is kind of rare for us. We found the creek crossing to the west and then the trail disappeared. A modern day road now covers part of the trail in that direction.

    We found where the trail took off to the east after it crosses the modern day road but we didn't follow it in that direction. That's a hike itself and one we will take one of these days.

  3. Good shot Ron. You treated this spot well with this photo. It was fun to walk in the center of that path for me. Could almost hear the creaking and grinding of the wheels as they crossed the rocks!


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