Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sunrise coming thru the Fog, truly presented the Golden Hour in which to take pictures. The whole landscape was bathed in a Golden hue of color!

The only editing that was done to this image was the addition of the frame. Pic taken at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, in Southwestern Oklahoma.
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  1. wow that awesome photo!complimenti!
    ciao, Luis

  2. This is a GREAT shot! I love this!!

    I guess getting up early in the morning does pay off! LOL All you need now is a dinosaur looking over the fence.

  3. That is just beautiful and so serene looking.

  4. This shot is brilliant...and yes nothing like the golden hour to capture images!

    You have also managed to compose it really well. The almost faded fencing far far off near the horizon somehow adds much to the image :)

  5. Golden hour and a good eye for composition!

    Very nice Parker! You are getting darn good at this photography thing!

  6. Peaceful, lovely, thank goodness you shared it photo.

  7. Wow Parker. I just love this shot. Great light! You hit the jackpot! That little calf is a cutie!


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