Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blooming Bradford Pears

Spring is knocking on our door here in Yukon,Ok.

Seems the Bradford Pears are usually the first to bloom in town.

The Bloom began last week but it was Sunday before I finally got out to take these pics.

Thought the deep blue Oklahoma Sky made for a good background to just shoot thru the branches and flowers.

Not a bad motto to live by!

Only editing was to add a subtle border.
Nikon 55mm/200mm lens was used.


  1. I like the blue sky backgrounds!

    Blooming flowers already? The ticks and chiggers won't be too far behind. LOL

  2. your trees look loaded w/ blossoms! ours here are not nearly as full this year.

  3. I'd say spring has sprung by the looks of those blooming trees! LOL

    Well if it's doing that where you are then it's only a matter of time till it starts doing that around here too!

  4. As we drove through your state last week, we noticed some of these trees. Wonderful sight to see! Great photos.

  5. What a wonderful pictures! I really like the colors, and sharpness of this lens. Good work!

  6. Wow y'all are already in bloom. Makes me miss the four seasons. This also reminds me of Arkansas. Great photos. Love these trees and beautiful color of the sky against the floral. Go Yukon. Do Right! ;)


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