Friday, March 16, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot

Working around a very hot oven to make all the pretty things for the tourists.

We came across this glass shop while wondering around Makawao one day. They had a variety of things they made including whales, turtles, dolphins and other sea and island creatures.

I asked the guy if he ever had his project fall off the end of the pole and after giving me a funny look he said, "not in a very long time". Maybe he thought I was going to jinx him!

The finished product. The glass items that he makes have to "cool" in an oven for 24 hours so that they don't crack and shatter during the cooling process. He had several different colors of sand and ground glass that he would incorporate into the design along the way to get the look he wanted. He also had some pretty nifty tools for making what look like bubbles in the glass, shaping the glass and cutting it from the end of the pole.


  1. Glassblowers always amaze me at what they can do with sand. I would think the learning curve would take a good while, not counting all the burns along the way!
    This jellyfish creation is really nice!

  2. Such a cool artform (even if it is hot!)

  3. Oh, I will have to remember this for our next trip to Maui. Thanks for the info, that jelly fish is very cool.

  4. What a great find, nice group of pictures too. The finished product is beautiful!

    Wouldn't want to be paying this guys electricity bills especially at Maui rates...

  5. Val, this glass place is at the north end of town in behind an art gallery. If you walk through the gallery and out the back you will walk right into the glass place.


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