Friday, March 23, 2012


Interrurban Trolley

Across from the Ballpark to the west is maybe my favorite murals that graces Bricktown! I call them the Postcard Murals simply because that is what they are!
     Before the story of how they came to be must tell a little story! Mom and Dad used to ride this efficient mode of transportation while they were dating, to OKC from El Reno before they were married . The route basically paralled Route 66. 

Looking North on Broadway

It was a dark night when he arrived with a projector that would enlarge an image and project it onto a blank canvass of bricks that had already been prepared to accept the images that would be traced precisely on them.

Vintage Postcards showing early day OKC was the chosen subject! In some manner every color was assigned a Number, and when the murals were painted to exact colors from the Postcards, it was as simple as 'Paint By Numbers' !

Family Vacation!

Load up the car and let's go!  Back when I was a kid Vacation was a very Big Deal! Months of planning were involved.
The streetlight in the shots is real. I cropped the shots to only include the Postcards! True Americana!

Out and About
part 7

note to self, take better care of your notes!


  1. these are really beautiful scenes. very cool.

  2. I love vintage postcards and these are great.

  3. Like Randy said these are great, impressive even!
    Nice find and nicely captured!

  4. Very nice shots Parker! I didn't realize those were even there. I guess I need to make a trip to OKC sometime so you can show me around!

  5. I don't think I would have done such a good job taking postcard photos. These are great and I love revisiting vintage True Americana!


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