Monday, March 12, 2012

Lahaina Harbor

This is Lahaina Harbor on Maui as seen from the water.

And the sea rolled and tossed so the boat moved and pitched and bounced...

(picture from the web)

I bought some "Sea Bands" this weekend to take on my next trip to Hawaii. I don't know if they will help and unfortunately the only way to find out is to get on a boat so I guess I will have to give boating on the ocean at least one more try.


  1. HI Ron,
    You can always add the ferry ride between Lahaina and Molokai to your bucket list. The ocean currents from 3 directions meets somewhere between the three islands of Molokai, Maui and Lanai.This part of the channel is somewhat like being inside a front load washing machine and then there are days when it's smooth as glass. Let's just say I've enjoyed the calm ride and fed the fishes too!!
    My hubby is on Molokai now and watched the ferry leave the wharf on friday and thought those folks on there were in for a rough ride, water was spraying over the top of the boat as soon as they left the hour and a half ride to Lahaina into a very strong head wind. argh!! Drugs are a good thing!!

  2. Thanks for the info Val! We have talked about taking the ferry to Lana'i several times and planned on doing it this next trip. Now you have me having second thoughts! LOL

    Drugs used to help me but they didn't work very well this last time. I figure I will double up with the drugs and the sea bands and see what happens. The worst thing that fcan happen is I will feed the fish and not want to get back on the boat. LOL

    At least I'll now if the sea bands work!

  3. The trip to Lanai is only about 45 minutes and because of the island it is somewhat protected...I would do the Lanai trip to test the bands before doing the Molokai adventure!! we did the Maui trip about every 6 wks to do a costco run--no big stores on Molokai
    Gotta tell ya, Molokai is so worth the trip...they say it's like Hawaii was years ago. If you are into just nature, no shopping and wonderful mom and pop type eateries it's the place to explore. Can you tell I love Molokai ???

    Oh, another motion sickness helper is ginger!!
    Okay, I've rambled enough!!!

  4. You've got all kinds of great info Val! Thank you very much.

    My wife and I are more into exploring the islands and seeing the sights than we are into shopping, although we have been known to hit a t-shirt shop or two!

    We will definitely have to check out Moloka'i and stay a few days. Maybe I can get hypnotized! LOL

  5. If you do want to explore Molokai you might consider flying (price is about the same plus less time traveling:) Let me know if you decide to go, I have a very good friend that would be happy to take you to the area where there are LOTS of monk seals. She and I volunteered for NOAA and helped to monitor the seals there. It's a hike (about 8 miles rt) but you would not be disappointed. Hubby did the trek last week and saw 15 seals and many whale pods. Also have some other connections to make you visit one of a kind!!

  6. Thank you once again Val!!! I will definitely take you up on that. We are scheduled to go back to Maui in January so we might at least take a day that trip and see part of the island.

    I might have to schedule another trip just so we can spend a few days on Moloka'i which won't hurt my feelings at all! LOL

  7. Just when you think nothing new can be done with a pumpkin, you get proven wrong! Funny!

  8. LOL Love the pumpkin!

    What a pretty place this Lahaina Harbor is, and you have done a nice job of capturing it with your camera!

    Soda crackers and ginger ale are both good for the stomach while boating for the landlubber types... LOL

  9. Started to say how nice a view you had captured of the Harbour! The dog jumped into my lap and rocked the chair causing me to get queasy! Saw the pumpkin, read the comments, pardon me, gotta Go!

  10. OK! I'm back!
    If you are going to be an Islander, the seasick problem I'm sure can be taken care of. I will ask my Doc next time in. He is an adventurer, marathon runner, and deals with altitude sickness, trekking to the summits of North American Mountains. Motion sickness shold not be a problem!

  11. I am not much for the islands but these are great shots. Love the pumpkin.

  12. LOL Parker!

    I would love to know what your doctor says about the motion sickness.

    I now have dramamine, sea bands, crackers and ginger ale. Maybe if I put a little rum in the ginger ale I Just won't care! LOL

  13. Holy moley! A little too much pumpkin seeds perhaps.LOL


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