Saturday, March 31, 2012

More from the swamp

You have to watch your step when walking in these woods. Hey Parker, want to go for a hike? There aren't any mountains we have to climb. LOL

Something in my direction must look interesting to him. I wonder what it could be?

Sorry, the beach is full!


  1. Now that would make an interesting hike. Bad enough watching out for rattlers! One good thing tho, these gators are plenty big enough to see while on land!
    Like these shots of opportunity, not everyday one gets to shoot pics of Gators!

  2. wow, these are awesome! i like viewing from afar, though!

  3. Aye-yi-yi... Like TexWes says "from afar"!

    Looks like you found lots of good photo opportunities to break your new camera and lens in with.


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