Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's TIKI Time

These first two were found along the beach in Lahaina. The one photo has one of the qualities of Paul's tourist photo list. I'm not quite sure how I managed to get the tiki straight and the background so slanted. I'm going to say the tiki was leaning to one side. LOL

This third one was inside the Hard Rock Cafe on Front Street in Lahaina. I keep telling Cheryl that one of these trips I'm going to buy me a nice big tiki and put it in the front room of our home. Any guesses as to what her response was? LOL


  1. I think Tex summed up Cheryl's response quite well! That last Tiki has spent way to much time bellied up to the Hardrock's Bar!

  2. The third tiki must have a pretty good dental plan. lol Great shots!

  3. LOL Cheryl needs to get on board these tikis are awesome! =)

  4. That bottom tiki looks like some of the tourists do just after happy hour! LOL

    I'll give you credit on the middle tiki, it's perfectly straight up and down alright. You sure you didn't photoshop in the background? LOL


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