Monday, March 19, 2012

Dallas By Night.

Couple weeks ago, city of Dallas had a grand opening for a new bridge named Margaret Hunt Hill.  Original plan, the city of Dallas going to built 7 of these bridges around downtown Dallas, but did not realized it cost 365 millions after the first one completed.  Since, the budget went South, they have decided to built two of these bridges only, and the second one will be started sometime next year.  I guess they priority are the new bridges not education budget!  


  1. Outstanding night time photos Q! The Big D skyline just shines.

  2. Great shots Q. I really, really love the bottom one. The lighting and reflections and colors are amazing!

    It's good to see you are out shooting. I thought with the new job the only thing you would have time for is working and sleeping. Working nights is a tough way to make a living!

  3. yeah, i'm not sure what they're thinking, either. same thing with spending major bucks on an overpass park to connect downtown w/ uptown areas. not sure how many people will actually utilize a green spot over a 6-lane freeway...

  4. Great pictures of the interesting geometry of this new bridge.

    Love the panorama shot of the city skyline!


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