Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Choosing a seat in the bow of the water taxi gave me a good view of the scenes such as this one located at the west turnaround of the canal. The almost completed Devon Tower seems to be keeping watch over the water plaza. State symbols were depicted in the large mosaic mural.

The colorful collared lizard which can be found in the granite Wichita Mtns. was a nice feature.


Named the Womens Wall, one can also see a couple of Scissortails, (our state bird), flying about.

Out and About
part 10


  1. Beautiful tile work! What a great addition to the city this waterway must be.

    Nice work capturing these pictures!

  2. That tile work looks like a very tedious job that would require a lot of patience!

    Nice shots. Lots of color and details in all of the photos.

    You're getting to be quite the roving reporter.

  3. A nice compliment to the surrounding area.

  4. Very interesting wall. You have done an awesome job sharing a part of OK. city with us. Looking forward to see more of your Out and About.

  5. This looks like a very interesting area and I love the colors and art of these walls. The illusion of the water coming out of the painted pottery is awesome! Love these shots. =)


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