Monday, March 12, 2012


Sometimes you never know what the lens of your camera will catch! Last weekend , driving around town on a quiet Sunday morning, searching for the pic that says 'Spring has Arrived'!  Stopped at this location! Spring, Blooming Bradford Pear, Stars and Stripes Waving, Hometown! All the elements were there!

The focus switched from the tree to the Flag. Wanted a full frontal view of the flag from the swirling wind! Never quite got the shot I was looking for, but after viewing full screened from home, noticed the wonderful shadows cast on the roof top! Just Gulls, but I think of them as Eagles!


  1. Might be Seagulls in the sky but for sure those shadows are Eagle shadows!

    Can't get over how big your cotton bushes are in Texas, but I guess everything there is big! LOL

    Nice pictures Parker!

  2. Seagulls as eagles? What's in that morning coffee?? LOL

    These are nice shots. I like that you captured the shadows on the roof top in the second one. You needed both shots just to bring out the shadows.

  3. i do like the flag against the beautiful blue sky. the pear tree is a perfect accent.

  4. Whoops! Paul you went a little to far South. Although I love Texas and have many friends and family there, Oklahoma is my home.

  5. I like how you captured the shifting winds. Oh and I really like that eagle! ;)


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