Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jake's capture!

For the last couple of years as some of you know I have been inspecting waterlines in a nearby town as they are installed in the ground. Part of the job is to photograph fittings and other pertinent bits before they are buried.
Today my Son Jacob was filling in for me as the onsite inspector as I was busy elsewhere. He managed to capture a few nice photos of a Grey Heron that was hanging around in the bush near the job site with my work camera, an old 6mp D50 and the pre VR 70-300 kit lens.


  1. That's a good picture. Especially considering he was using the kit 70-300mm lens.

  2. Jake, I would like to welcome you to the blog. This is a nice photo, and I hope you enjoying taking picture like the rest of us in this blog. With this quality photo, I think you should be in advance level. Therefore, your Papa should thinking about D800E, and a few Nikkor lenses for you on your next birthday. I would love to see father, and son on the field looking through the view finder, and share the knowledge together.
    Have fun, and happy shooting.

  3. a wonderful shot of this curmudgeony guy!

  4. Like your shot Jake. Composition was well thought out! Good work.


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