Saturday, March 17, 2012


Leaving the childrens area our walk continued thru the Garden in the City grounds. Being it was a warm day others seemed to have the same idea as we did. The ducks swimming around in the waterways had some onlookers. We are headed for that cylindrical shaped building, seen in upper rt. corner,  that crosses the water.

Enjoyed the view and sounds of a large waterfall.

Pansies were numerous!

Charlotte at Entrance to Crystal Gardens

After a long, pleasant walk outside we finally reached the entrance to the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. A part of the Myriad Botanical Gardens.
     Contained in a large, cylindrical, and climate controlled structure, the Crystal Bridge contains over a thousand plants from three ecological tropic zones. Wet Tropical rainforest, Island Tropics, and Dry Tropical Deserts/Savanna, are all represented! A snapshot view of some of the plants will be coming up next!

Out and About
part 3 


  1. Pansies? Are you talking about the people looking at the ducks or the flowers? LOL

    Love the waterfall shot and the pansies (flowers and people) are all in focus. :~)

  2. waving hello to your lovely wife! :)

  3. What an interesting place this must be, looking forward to pictures from inside!

    Well chosen setting for a nice picture of your wife. Hi Charlotte!

  4. Nice background on these photos. Hello Charlotte!


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