Friday, March 16, 2012

Veggie Leaves and Flowers

Colorful chard leaves were being used as decorative plantings in some of the flower beds. I thought they added a nice touch and brightened the spaces where they were used.

The colored veins reminded me of an illustration of a circulatory system used in a textbook!

Learned that Chard is a leafy green vegetable that is used in Mediterranean cooking. Supposedly very rich in nutrients if prepared properly.

Tulips were just beginning to open up. Noticed everyone seemed to enjoy looking at them as we did.

The Daffodils were planted among the tulips which made quite a show.

Usually these numerous outside beds have a profusion of colors from the many varieties of flowers that are planted each year. We were just visiting to early in the spring. After all a frost or freeze is still a possibility this time of year.

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  1. pretty colors, no matter where you find them. :)

  2. Come on Parker, don't you watch the Iron Chef? Lots of things are edible! LOL

    Very nice photos. Lots and lots of early spring colors.

    Our pair trees are just now starting to bloom.

  3. I don't think recall seeing such colorful Swiss Chard before.

    The two bottom photos have a nice softness to them. What have you done different with the bottom two photos that you didn't do with the other three I wonder?

  4. Paul it was cloudy and overcast at the time the flower pics were taken and lighting was not good. Processed these in Picassa using what they call a soft focus tool. I felt like it helped save the shots? Used this same tool on a few more that I have not posted yet.

  5. Wonderful shots. I'm jealous. I just love tulips. I wish we had some in the desert. I buy them from the store every now and then.They remind me of my visit to Holland. And I love Daffodils too...they remind me of my time in Arkansas. In Wye, Arkansas they have a Daffodil festival. I found it quite unique. Have a fantastic weekend Parker!

  6. ewww and I can make a 'poor girl french stew' with those chard leaves! =)


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