Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We all live in a yellow submarine....

It's not really a submarine, more like a wierd boat. This is a reef runner. All of the passengers are below looking through a hull full of windows at the reefs and sea life. This is for the people that want to go snorkeling but don't want to get wet.

I can't image being on one of these without getting sick!


  1. Good morning,
    My in-laws went on one of these type tours in Australia a few years ago...the air conditioning went out on the thing! It was not a pleasant tour. :( Couldn't get me on this submarine!!

  2. It does look like a submarine! Think I might like it. Lots of different views and wouldn't have to worry about all those ocean critters trying to take a bite out of me. Only problem would be some landlocked tourist from the mainland getting seasick and spraying the viewing windows!LOL

  3. Good morning Val! My sentiments exactly!

    Parker, I will make sure to stay on the land so you won't have to worry about me! LOL

  4. Interesting vessel... it really looks like a sub. =)Nice shot.

  5. Almost the same color as that pumpkin in your last post! LOL

    I'll take a mask and snorkel over the sub any day! Nice find.


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