Thursday, March 29, 2012

Under the boardwalk...

...down by the sea...

It's not as pretty as Hawaii is but it is the ocean and there are palm trees, here and there anyway.

These were taken at the state park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The concrete board walk was built by the state, apparently to make some income. If you want to walk on the boardwalk to sight see they charge you $2 per person. If you want to fish off of the boardwalk you get charged $8 per person. Taking a picture under the boardwalk was free!


  1. Ron, that shot under the boardwalk is fabulous!! LOVE it.

  2. i LOVE that top shot! FRAME IT!!!

  3. Well done on the top shot, definitely framable!

    It took me a few moments to figure out what was wrong with the bottom picture... No trees! Not like Hawaii at all.

  4. Like that long hallway leading into the water. The price to walk or fish from the pier, not so much!

    As many hurricanes as the Gulf of Mexico gets, all the high rise buildings sure look vulnerable. Nice looking waters around Gulf Shores!

  5. I think all of the hurricanes is why you don't see too many trees along the coast like you do in Hawaii.

    The waters do look nice but the "Portuguese man of war" seems to keep a lot of people , including me, out of the water. They have times when the ocean currents bring them in by the thousands and you don't really want to be in the water then. We saw several small ones washed up on the beach when I was taking these photos so we knew they were in the water.

  6. Sure you can pretended in Hawaii! Just wear a Hawaii shirt, put your headphone on with Don Ho music in the background, order a Mai Tai, and close your eyes.


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