Monday, March 5, 2012

Out of the dark

Here are two more photos from the Old Lahaina Luau that I saved by using adjustments in the RAW converter before turning them into JPEGs. These are the before and after of each shot so you have something to compare to. I know how Paul likes to see the before and afters. LOL

I have been very amazed at how much you can change a RAW image in the converter without degrading the image. I have been able to "save" several images just because I shot them in RAW. These images were only adjusted in the RAW converter. The only thing I did to them in photoshop was put the frames on.

As much as I wasn't impressed by the food at the Old Lahaina Luau I can't same the same thing about the Hula Girls! LOL


  1. Nice saves! Color is clean and the photos crisp and well focused. The subject matter is, well lets just say, has a definate WOW factor!

  2. The results are amazing!
    I'll try to shot in RAW next time I'm in a situation of poor light.
    Have a good new week Ron! ;-)

  3. Well this certainly demonstrates the advantages of shooting RAW when in less than perfect lighting conditions!

    I can see that RAW would be good to use where you have backlighting issues.

    I suspect that you are right about the food / dancers thing at your Luau...

    Both very nice photographs!

  4. wow. great illustration of why folks should shoot in raw (and i don't).

  5. I'm not sure what RAW is but I like how you saved the pictures. Nice job. At least you liked one out of two in Old Lahaina Luau. LOL

  6. Makes me miss my Photoshop.

  7. These photos remind me of Angelina Jolie in Academy Awards this year! Don't love shooting RAW?

  8. LOL Q! I didn't know you had time to watch TV!

    I love shooting in RAW and I don't think I will ever shoot in anything else.

  9. Natural lighting no flash? Well done. Bravo!


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