Thursday, March 22, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Mickey Mantle Entrance

RedHawks Field at Bricktown is home to the Oklahoma City RedHawks baseball team, a Triple AAA affiliate of the Houston Astros! 

Honoring a Native Oklahoman

Located on Mickey Mantle Way what better address could a Ball Park in Oklahoma have. Greeting the fans to the North Entrance is New York Yankees slugger, centerfielder, Number 7, Mickey Mantle! Born in Spavinaw and raised in Commerce, a proud son of our state! 

Binger,Oklahoma Native
Johnny Bench

Standing watch over a South Entrance is Cinncinatti Reds catcher Johnny Bench, another Native Son that we are proud of!

All the gates and entrances were closed, but I was able to peek thru the South gate for this pic!

Liked this pic of Johnny Bench looking west towards the Postcard Murals, Devon Tower, and that crazy painted Buffalo!

Out and About
part 6


  1. very cool. didn't know mickey mantle was from OK. :)

  2. I like these shots! Too bad you couldn't get into the park. I think photographing an empty ball park would be neat but maybe I'm just weird.

  3. I miss going to baseball games. I can't wait for the summer. Heading up to Denver for a Rockies game.

  4. Nice that the hometown heros can be immortalized in this way.
    The buffalo looks like he may be on drugs! LOL

  5. When you are out for walking, you can cover some ground on your walk, and you do know how to select your objects for picture. I like a lot. Now may I have a beer, and a hot dog?

  6. Oklahoma seems like a place with lots of interesting history and people. Is the colorful buffalos a popular thing there? So cool. =)

  7. Sandy in 1972 the legislature named the Buffalo, Oklahoma's Official State Animal. Since then you will find Buffalos in every color in the rainbow and just about every town. Glad you like them. They are fun to photograph.

    Oh! Hope you got finished with spring cleaning!


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