Friday, March 30, 2012

Keep your toes out of the water

Have you ever ignored a sign, thinking; "what could be the harm?"

This wouldn't be the sign to ignore!

Ocean, yes. Tropical plants, yes. Tropical weather, yes.
But these will definitely remind you that you aren't in Hawaii! LOL


  1. although, I have seen some rather crabby locals in Hawaii that would bite your head off! LOL
    Great shots

  2. OK! Comments working.

    When in Alabama mind the signs! Like these pics. That guy is huge and has a large mouth full of teeth to boot!

  3. Glad your comments are back to working Parker.

    It was nice to have a zoom lens for these photos! LOL

  4. Val, crabby locals mad at the haoles? Surely not! LOL

    I know what you mean. You seem to run into more of them while driving than anywhere else.

  5. You would scuba diving with Sharks, why not with this ancient mammals? These pictures are great! Don't you love how your new camera controlling the exposure?

  6. Q, there is definitely some differences with the D700 on how it takes pictures. I am noticing for one that I'm making little to no adjustments in the RAW converter. I would like to say I'm getting to be a better photographer and am setting things on the camera right but I think the D700 is helping out a lot with that! LOL

    Shooting full frame with same amount of pixels as the D300 really makes the photos richer and like I said before, it seems to be picking up more detail in the shots. I'm really liking full frame a lot!!

    I can't wait to get some wide angle shots of some sun sets (not sunrises LOL) to see what they look like.

  7. Holy moly! Run Ron! Are you crazy? LOL Great shots. I would be scared to death probably.

  8. Looks like it could be almost as bad as swimming with the sharks.

  9. That is quite a mouth full of teeth! Hope you were using your new lens at 300mm not 28mm for these shots. LOL


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