Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tropic Zone Change

Continuing our tropical walk across Chrystal Bridge we began to gradually change into the Island Tropical Area. A subtle change to my untrained eye but very distinct to the Botanist I spoke with.

Several of the plants were in the bud stage, as this one is, just beginning to start the flowering stage. Now I understand why several visits a year is necessary if one wishes to view the complete life cycle of a favorite plant!

Leaving the Tropical Island Zone we ascend to the Dry Tropical or Desert/Savanna Zone. The plants and blooming flowers have become less water dependent and more widely spaced. The air has became dryer and  more comfortable. A noticeable change!

Nearing the end of the walk I spotted this bloom proudly displaying it's color for me to view, daring me to touch, but being the desert lover I am, knew better. Two and Three inch thorns protected it's beauty!

Only a few shots were shown of the many beautiful plants and flowers captured from this visit to The Chrystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. It must be visited in person to fully enjoy what it offers!

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  1. i like that last one - air fern or whatever it is. lovely!

  2. I agree with Texwisgirl on the fern.

  3. What a special place you have found! Truly a must see to be sure if one is in the area.

  4. I'm in agreement with the others, the thorny little red bloom in the last picture is my favorite.


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