Monday, March 5, 2012

The race is on!

This didn't actually happen... I was playing with the Sigma 120-400 one afternoon and took a number of jet plane pictures. Then one evening a few days later I got to playing with Photoshop...

What really surprised me was how much the sky changed color throughout the afternoon when I took the pictures, no two photos were exactly the same color. Made for quite a challenge blending these two pictures together!


  1. I'd say you did a pretty good job. You have to look realy close to tell which one was photo shopped in. The bottom one, right?

  2. i, for one, am glad this didn't occur in real life! but you did a great job of making it look real!

  3. Good eye Ron. What I did was use the "place" function in Photoshop to place the bottom jet picture over the top jet picture, then using the erase tool I erased the majority of the sky in the bottom jet photo.

  4. That blue sky really makes the jets and their contrails stand out!
    Interesting and neat pic you have created!

  5. Nice Zoom! Did you ever thinking about tele-converter with this lens?


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