Saturday, March 3, 2012


Yesterday morning, Friday the 2nd of March, the sun was already up and shining bright when I finally made it into the sunroom. Raising the blinds I noticed the Hollies were alive with a flurry of beating wings and frenzied feeding masked raiders. The Cedar Waxwings have arrived to devour the treasure of the resident Mockingbird! The ripe Holly Berries that he has been carefully eating and guarding for sometime!


Grabbed up the camera with the 200mm lens and started shooting thru the glass of the window, using it for a blind. Even with fast shutterspeeds, 1/8oo to 1/1000s and ISO of 400, had a hard time keeping up with the fast pace.

This guy reminded me of a sleek Dolphin jumping from the water.

Notice the small red spot on it's wing appearing as a drop of wax!

Always look forward to seeing these guys show up at the start of Spring each year. They are over a full month plus ahead of last year, arriving April 6th. in 2011. Early Spring? I think so!

All pics were processed using Picassa. All pics were cropped which makes some have a grainy texture.

Tomorrow I will try to have the Mockingbirds take on this robbery!  


  1. Great shots! I really like the in flight photos and the "dolphin" shot. Great color in everything.

    And as Paul would say, great bokeh! The backgrounds are perfect.

  2. these are beautiful! you got such great color!!!

  3. Great action shots Parker!

    Yes hoping for an early spring over on the "Upper Left Coast" also!

  4. I'm always amazed how one can take photos of these fast moving birds without blur. These are wonderful shots Parker. Fun dolphin pic. ;) It makes me look forward to Spring even more. Early Spring? I approve! =)

  5. Early Spring? I can't wait to head up to your way for camping with my kids next week in Beaver Bend State Park.

  6. Exciting action shots. The pictures came out clear even though the glass. Wonderful work.


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