Monday, November 14, 2011


After the harsh drought and high temperatures of this summer I had my doubts for any chance of a colorful fall.

But as the temps and Days began to get cooler and shorter, my doubts were for naught. All of a sudden my home town was overtaken with an array of the warm and familiar colors of Autum.

It would have been a long Winter without the turning of the leaves.

I do believe that we may get to enjoy this show for a week or so. For it seems most all the trees of different species are taking turns and sporting their colors just as the one before has peaked. My large Oak and pair of Sweetgums in front of the house are just beginning to show a hint of color. They seem to always be the last to show, but the best!


  1. oh, good for you! we've only gotten a few traces here in Texas, but like you said, i've been very grateful for those this year...

  2. Great colors Parker! Love that last shot!

  3. Very nice group of photographs! I especially like the top photo in this group.

  4. Love these colors! great photos!

  5. Really nice colors! I like that you threw in the photo of the train with the same fall colors. Pretty clever!

  6. Very Nice! I like your composition on these photos. I do need to get out this weeked.


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