Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mother Nature's art

Caught the sun sparkling iridescent in this spider web and just had to try to capture the beauty I was seeing with my eyes! After some retouching in Photoshop the top picture is what I came up with, the bottom picture being the original I was working from.

Sorry Q didn't have the tripod with me so I had to take this handheld. After a number of tries I used f16 so it would all be in focus.


  1. Nice find! Were you shooting in RAW?

  2. No just JPEG... Every once in a while I try shooting RAW for a time but it only makes for a bunch more post processing with little or no improvement over JPEG so far as I've seen anyway.

  3. This is a great shot! I love the finished product with the colors and different size water drops. It came out great, even without a tripod! LOL

    Not shooting in RAW? I guess you just can't teach an old dog new tricks! LOL

  4. What a nice find you have captured with this small web! The light reflections from the tiny drops of water are wonderful.

    Your pic reminds me of an ultra modern designed Christmas tree. Perfect for the upcoming season!

  5. It pays to keep your eyes open. Great

  6. I agreed with Parker! The focus is not too bad without the tripod. I hope you will bring a tripod on your Hawaii trip, and shoot nothing but RAW file.


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