Saturday, November 26, 2011

Making a point

I took this from the back porch of my house in July of this year. At first I was intrigued as the clouds spun down to a point and then it dawned on me, this might not be a good thing since it was so close.

Fortunately, as it came to a point it just spun itself out and disappeared.


  1. The dedicated photographer always thinks of the photo first and then their safety. :)

  2. Tornados are fascinating to watch. It's when they threaten lives and property that I don't like!

  3. They may make for good photos, but I'm still glad they're even rarer in Germany than wild turkey. ;)

  4. beautiful, but yes, a bit unnerving! :)

  5. No tornados over on the West Coast thankfully! Kansas can have em...

    Amazing capture Ron! There is allot of depth to this picture.


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