Friday, November 18, 2011

Smelling the Roses!

After I saw Parker pictures on the flowers, I just want to show you his flowers is much better than this.

I went out few days ago to shoot a family portrait for a charity work.  I admitted, I did forgot some of the setting on my gears for the family portrait event.  It always happened for an amateur photographer did not do this regularly.  Therefore, the result is not as good as I expected.


  1. I wish one of my pretty grandaughters had been with me when I shot the rose pics! I just know that this precious little girls parents will cherish this pic!

  2. Oh, you're right Q, this is a horrible picture! LOL

    I think it's a great shot, you lost just a little detail in the flowers but the main subject, the girl is absolutley perfect.

    Did you re-work this in NX2 to brighten around the girl and darken the far right side?

    What ever you did this is a great effect.

  3. Ron, I did use NX2 to darken on the right side. This is very easy to use, just select the filter tap, choose the traditional, on the drop down menu select darken, and brighten. Then use the eye-drop to select the area to be center point, in this case I selected the girl face as my center point.

  4. "Amateur photographer" my but! Your photographs put allot of so called "Professional photographers" work to shame!
    Very nice portrait, perfect setting too.


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