Thursday, November 3, 2011


Stopped at Caddo Lake on this foggy sunrise morning to take pictures of the lake and the geese I could hear that were chatting to each other about their flight plans for early morning takeoff. Photo opps were not to good so walked back up the hill and spotted these two old girls intently staring back from where they had came. My gaze followed theirs. Often I have noticed that animals will stare at an intruder who is following their trail.

Sure enough after a few minutes here came a buck of their own species following to see what the girls were up to. His cover was blown!


  1. Wow! How lucky are you! These two photos are so fine.

    About the vehicles on my blog this week and the previous posts, I adore vehicles of all sorts, mainly vintage vehicles. Race car too, both NASCAR and NHRA. And I always want to take at least one more photo, given an interesting subject. You understand, right?

  2. Nice early morning shots! The early light does give them a nice glow.

    We should all get together on Maui so you and Q can take some of those early morning shots so I can look at them when I wake up! LOL

  3. You have chose a perfect place for the morning lights. The brown grass is perfectly for the warming lights, and even more better with the wildlife in the shot. Nicely done my friend!

  4. such beautiful golden colors! :)

  5. You have captured not only your subjects but the beautiful morning light and in a perfect setting too!

    Nice shooting Parker


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