Monday, November 7, 2011


Although Ron is not a fan of early rising, He was up and about this morning. Charles a friend of ours had driven from NE Oklahoma this AM to partake in an all day hike with Ron and I.

This was one of the Cairns that Ron used that took us back into the remote regions. Thought to to placed by the miners around  1903. I'm not for sure how they classify hikes on a difficult scale, but I know for certain that to follow this trail you need to be shape! Fortunality I had been true to my training so this was not a problem, although all of us were glad to summit.

Ron, our guide, was very familiar with the trail and pointed out various rock formations and sculptures. This one was named the bird! The three of us are all interested in early day Spanish intrusions into what is now Oklahoma, and all agreed this was left by the Spanish. Use your own judgement.

I have probably shown more landmarks than I should have , but they are all visible to anyone that wants to take the time to research and venture off any marked trail that is in any guidebooks covering the Wichita Mtns.

NOTE! 8:49 PM . While making this post just had a 3 second hard quake! Josey Bell the dog refuses to get in her bed! Now sitting on my lap. Enough is enough! Raining,  thunder and lightining, tornado watches and warnings, never a dull moment! Man, I love living here!!


  1. Super shots of the sights you saw on the hike.

    Since moving here in the summer of 2006, I've felt two teensy, short earthquakes. I couldn't believe how my feet and legs felt afterwards, all nervous and shaky. In fact, if legs could feel out of breath, mine were. And I was just sitting at my table, typing on the computer both times in our then 4th floor (top floor) apartment on a street corner in Northwest Portland. Creepy.

  2. I feel sorry for the dog. Well, at least your dog is in a good hand. I hope the good weather coming to your way. By the way, I can see a lot of things attached to Ron back, but where's the tripod?

  3. Clearly the bird rock was left by the Spanish!

    Man oh man your part of the world is getting picked on lately... Tornados, drought, earthquakes, electrical storms... And I thought the West Coast was bad! LOL

    Hope Josey Bell isn't too traumatized by all the goings on lately.

  4. There's just not enough room for the tripod Q, essential equipment only!! LOL

    Another big shake? I don't know if I want to move back to Oklahoma or not!

    Nice photos, well, except for the one with the old fat man in it!

  5. Josey Bell said thanks for being concerned about her. She's just fine this morning and has already got in trouble twice with me.

    Had a beautiful rain last night so maybe the drought is behind us. Rain gauge was running over the top!

  6. Wow, I didn't even hear about this on the news! I actually didn't know you guys got quakes in that part of the country :{

  7. What a fun hike! I love all the rock formations and cairns. Now don't send any of those quakes next door.


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