Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkeys on the range (instead of IN)

Parker said you can't have too many turkey pictures on this day so here is my two cents worth.

This is one of the few times turkeys blend into a wide open space. Burnt and barren, the ground is great camouflage for the turkeys. Not so much for the buffalo on the ridge line.

Taken on the refuge last month after the last fire. I couldn't decide what to focus on and tried an "all in one shot". It came out all in one but all of it is out of focus instead of all of it being in focus.

This one's coming for you Parker, you've got one of it's relatives in your oven.


  1. you're making me laugh with all this turkey talk... :)

  2. Just took the Big Fat Boy out! Twenty-two pounds of culinary goodness! I think that Wild Rio Grande Turkey of yours is coming for me to get a little revenge!!

  3. Don't forget to take some pictures of that feast. We all may be hungry later!

  4. No Thanksgiving up here in Canada. We already had ours a month or so back.
    The only turkeys around here are our politicians and I don't think anyone wants to see any pictures of them... LOL

    Have a great Thanksgining everyone!

  5. Interesting photos in your post today, Ron.

  6. Alas, no Thanksgiving and no turkeys here in Germany. But those photos explain why this chap I found in a falcon park, is called Turkey Vulture. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


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