Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Unreal Photo

No, really, it's not real!

Well, technically, it is real. It's a real photo of a turtle in the doorway of a sunken ship and a real photo of me scuba diving. I just got really tired of working yesterday and decided to play with photoshop a little for a short break and put parts of both photos into one.

I don't know why this technique fascinates me so much but it does. Maybe I could get a job with the C.I.A.  LOL


  1. Did you happen to see an unreal Treasure Chest full of jewels and gold?? I think that turtle is pointing the way!!

    Thanks for the disclaimer, the photo looks real.

  2. LOL! I actually thought about that but I couldn't find a good picture that would blend right. All of the treasure chests I have pictures of were all in caves. :~)

  3. Masterfully done! It looks totally natural, wouldn't have even questioned this photo...

  4. That's pretty darn smart Ron, honestly you wouldn't know if you didn't know if you know what I mean haha! I really must get a bit more advernturous!!

  5. Pretty clever work by making you, and the door poportional together!


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