Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The old DC3 / C-47 / Dakota 576

Took a hike up to the old DC3 that crash landed in the hills near Port Hardy after running out of fuel in April 1944 during the last big war. Still where it came to rest all those years ago.

This is actually three pictures with the ultra wide stitched together using Photoshop Cs4.


  1. Three pictures stitched together from the ultra-wide? That's got to be one big plane!!

    Great job on the stitching, you can't even tell. Did you use your tripod?? :~)

  2. Paul, A fine job you did with the stitching to compose an excellent pic of the remains of this fallen Bird. Gives me a solemn and quiet feeling for a moment.

    What work horses were these DC-3's. Alot of them are still being used in various roles today. In use since the 1930's, some were produced in Oklahoma City. My Dad still remembers the plant.

  3. Nice sewing, ha ha. That is amazing.

  4. Good job on the photoshop! I saw one of DC3 at the airport in Viet Nam after the Saigon failed into the hands of the North. This plane it was shotout, and missing some parts in the wings. But, somehow it stills make it back to home.


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