Friday, November 18, 2011


Caught these Wild Roses the day before the hard freeze yesterday morning. Liked their look with the grasses behind them.

Robust and rich with color, heirloom roses are my favorite in the rose family.

Growing close by were these mums that were still looking pretty spiffy. Little did they know what Jack Frost had in store for them!

Checked on them yesterday around noon. This was definately the Last Look on these beauties until next year. All were burnt and beyond repair!


  1. I was able to get out few days to shoot a family portrait from a client in the rose garden. But those flowers is not looks good at this one.

  2. Very bright colors!

    I agree with you, the tall grasses in the background make it a great picture.

    Did you get down on the ground to take these shots? LOL

  3. i do love the grasses behind them! so lovely! goodbye, beautiful roses!

  4. Yup Ron. See this old man can still get up and down to take the pic when theres no one else around to talk into capturing it for him. Bad thing was tho, I had just put a clean and freshly ironed pair of jeans on 30 minutes before. Managed to muddy up both knees real good. Charlotte wasn't to happy about that as she insists on ironing everything!

  5. Wow you still had flowers up till a couple of days ago? Must be nice! Roses and Mums all got drowned here on the West Coast a couple of months ago... LOL

    Nice vibrant colors, good composition too. Well worth the muddy knees if you ask me!


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