Saturday, November 5, 2011


Finally stopped and shot a few pics of this old Tow Truck that I have noticed for a few years located in Medicine Park, Oklahoma.

Equipped with a sling attached to the winch cable, which runs over a pulley mounted on the gin poles, state of the art in the days of cars with real bumpers! In these times with plastic bumper covers on all the cars, using this rig has become obsolete. Now everything is brought to the shop on a shiney, flat roll up bed truck. ( Just the word 'tow' still relevant?)
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  1. Nice picture! It looks like that truck in the animated movie that my grandson watches all of the time. LOL

    I'd say you caught the light just right on this one.

  2. Great photo. Glad you got the chance to take it. I wonder about the word tow, too.

  3. What a beauty, great find Parker!

    This must have been one of the first models without the split front windshield, looks like it had a V8 too.

  4. What a great shot Parker. I really like all of the colors you captured.

  5. This truck looks like the one in The Car movie. Also, this one is a perfect picture for HDR. Good find Parker!


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