Tuesday, November 29, 2011


These pics from the Wichita Mtns. were taken just a few days after the fires around the First of October. The Firefighters were still cruising around checking for hotspots.

Defined by a randomly wandering line drawn in the grass by the burned area,  there was no doubt where the fire ended. Sometimes the Wind drew the line, other times the Firemen drew the line by containing the fire. I was also told that most of the time this was a true Wildfire and burning completely out of control.

Aided by the road, which made a good fireline, there was a stark contrast between charred and green. When I left the Wichitas a couple of weeks later, these burned areas were already beginning to sprout green grass, and the Buffalo and Longhorns grazing the new growth in preference to the old!


  1. Wow talk about night and day! Funny thing is by next summer I'll bet you would be hard pressed to find the difference between these areas!

    Very interesting post!

  2. Nice shots! I really like the top one with all of the contrasting colors and wide open space.

  3. this was a fearsome and fearful summer for texas and oklahoma, for sure. too many fires. too close. too many folks displaced and lives ruined...

  4. Hopefully the landscape will come back to normal by next year. It's a heartbroken to see something like this. Good shot Parker!


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