Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1331 Miles to Santa Monica, Ca.

Rand McNally tells me that is how far from Yukon,Oklahoma to Santa Monica, California that I would have to travel to reach my destination. Been thinking about taking a look at the Pacific Ocean again. Last view was when my brother and I took my Dad there to lay to rest his last living sister ! (Now that is what you might say 'that's a whole other story by itself! She left home in Oklahoma in the 1930's and only surfaced to her nine brothers and sisters, some fifty years plus later!) And what a story her history has! I really don't know how I can get so off base on a post!

Noticed my left front tire was low on air this afternoon? I'm a stickler for keeping tires at their proper pressure! Flipped on the air compressor and shot about twenty pounds of air into the anemic tire.

Hurried up to see my Buddy Chuck to get her fixed before she went flat! One ugly nail, and a No Charge ticket, had me fixed up Untill!!

this is the year that tires on my truck, along with my fifth wheel trailer, needs to be replaced. maybe if i write quietly with no large letters the estimate of replacement will not hurt.

OUCH! and chuck only smiled, as I waved goodbye to new lenses and other toys for this year!

The 'Joads" in Steinbecks "Grapes of Wrath" would be laughing out loud and slapping their knees at my dilemma! The 'Clampets' on their way to Beverly Hills would probably have Jed or Granny standing guard with a shotgun to make sure I didn't get off with their New Spare Tire!

I'm always wondering! I wonder how far it would be if one could travel Route 66 again 'sans' I-40? I've had the good fortune to travel the Mother Road , Rt.66, with my parents to California
 before I-40. And we had not a clue that my aunt lived in Santa Monica! There has been several re-alignments to the old road going west. At one time it even reached to Santa Fe, NM following the setting sun! The eastward journey to Chicago from Yukon, was travelled in my later life, when I used to call the Windy City home for a few months at a time. I-55 was the direct route, with Rt.66 rusting in the shadows. Hope memory serves, but it seems like Lake Shore Drive and  Jackson Blvd. intersecting at Grant Park was the start, or the End, of this road, the other at Santa Monica at the Pacific's shore at the pier.

Born and raised on this old road, wonder if I could just borrow the spare, hang a couple of desert water bags from the front bumper, stay off the fourlane, eat some of those chicken fried steaks that melt in your mouth, and save a couple of grand for new tires? Guess not! Just wish old Chucky Boy with his high priced tires, understood that! Last thing I heard leaving the shop was, 'I gottem in stock'. My last words were ' Think these tires would be good for another 3000miles or so, I've got a new spare? !'


  1. Nice photos of the car. It does need to be piled high with furniture in the back and have an old hound dog next to it though. LOL

    New tires or toys? That would be a hard decision! Knowing me I would buy an extra spare and go with what I had for a while. :~)

  2. Too many naps again yesterday??

  3. Sounds like a fun and wonderful adventure you are contemplating!

    As far as tires are concerned... Don't you just run them until the canvas shows? We are in a depression after all!

    Nice capture on the old Ford pickup. What a classic, if that truck could only talk...

  4. I like hearing about these old roads like Route 66. And did your aunt ever tell you guys why she disappeared?

    I know all the Love's gas stations from Little Rock to Las Vegas. 1-40 is a straight shot from Little Rock, AR to Kingman, AZ. It's an interesting drive and terrain. I think going to the beach sounds more fun!

    That's a neat truck you have. Dori's step dad built a Model A car from having very few parts...this was before the economy went south. I hope you get your rode trip! =)

  5. Ron; Actually didn't have time for any naps yesterday! Temps hit 67 and was busy outside all day.

    Paul; When I was a teen, used to run tires like that all the time. Called them 'May-Pops'. May pop at any time. And they usually did!

    Tex; They sure don't give them away. With the price of fuel and RV related items, been thinking about sticking a couple of plastic Pink Flamingos in the yard in front of the traler, setting up the folding chairs, and pretend I'm 1331 miles away!lol

    Sandy; The Lady had a free spirit! Grandma Janey, her Mother, had died and that old broke down farm held no future that she could see! In the archives of this blog under 'Child of The Plains' (August,2011), you will be able to see where her adventuresome Spirit came from. First went to New York City before going to Ca. It would take a book to tell of her many adventures and world travels!

    Love's, a great company from Oklahoma, operated by the Love family!

    Wish that truck was mine! Would be tempted to throw the tent in the back and head west!
    Model A's are neat, like them better than the T's. Alot more reliable.

  6. Funny I have been feeling the same way too. There is a little town called Cambria that I love to visit every now and then. Great post.


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