Saturday, February 25, 2012

The last lava flow....

... at least for now! This lava flow occurred in 1790 and was the last lava to flow on Maui. Even after more than 200 years not much was growing out of the lava. When we first saw this area it looked like someone had plowed up the dirt for miles and miles and several feet deep. I had to get within a few feet to tell that this was an old lava flow. It was very rough and rugged and not something you would want to walk on, although I was tempted to walk to the collapsed vent just to take a peak in. It's a good thing I had a car load of people and not my hiking boots or I may have just ventured into the lava field.

The lava flow went from the lower side of the moutnain/volcano all the way to the ocean.

So the next time you find yourself on Maui, make sure you enjoy the "Natural Area Reserve". Just don't touch any of the old hand grenades! Only the federal government could blow a place up and then call it a "natural" area.


  1. yikes! sounds like a place full of peril - both man-made and mother nature's!

  2. I would imagine that lava would eat a good pair of hiking boots up in short order. Be nice to check out Maui from the air. The flows would look like ancient river beds!

  3. hey i found your blog, when i am visiting a blog from a friend, so i dicided to come and visit you, to discover new things :)

    talking about this photo too, great photo, amazing contracts and textures, very interesting photo its agreat photo history

    hugs from portugal :)

  4. Looks like an interesting place to explore.

  5. All that old lava looks sharp, I think I'd want good boots and gloves if I were to start hiking around there!

    Funny about protecting an old ordinance site and calling it a park!


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