Monday, February 6, 2012

A postcard from Coal Harbour

I was out doing some work with the boat this afternoon and snapped this picture on my way back in to Coal Harbour at the end of the day.

The weather up this way has been more what you would expect in late April not early February! If this is global warming, bring it on!


  1. One of your best! That Cessna is dressed up for the occasion! Full flaps and all!

  2. By looking this picture, I think it's Cessna 172 with a turbo prop. I have a private license with 175 hours flight on Cessna 152, and 172 but not sea plane. I do miss those days take one of these single engine up, and spin out at 15,000'. I wish one day I could afford one of this plane, and take it up with my camera on one hand.

    Very nice shot! Everything is in focus. Is that his hand sticking out of the window waving at you?

  3. This is a great photo! I love it! It is super sharp and clear and the mix of colors and reflections really do make it a postcard photo. Great job!!

    Out on the boat huh? I guess that's one job I couldn't do! LOL

  4. This is a beautiful shot and it takes me back to when I was living there. I was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C.


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