Saturday, February 11, 2012

BROADWAY! Before and After!

A Pic of aPic

Photo was taken from the many pics that were displayed from various merchants doing buisness along Broadway. Friendly folks investing in their Dreams of a City on the move!

This would have been a scene that could have come from my early days when Dad and Mom brought my brother and I  to the Big Town! One or two visits a year were the norm!

Buy an Oldsmobile, And stay a Night on Us!

Just a tongue in cheek statement! But at the time this photo was taken many people came from the rural areas of Oklahoma to see the latest offerings of new and used cars that were available. An overnight stay was required. Broadway was "Automobile Alley"!  Every Brand and Dream from Detroit , Studebakers from Indiana, and many more were displayed! And I'm sure the competition was keen!

Hotel Marion

Worse for wear, check out last pic, this Guy even with a few boarded windows, is still holding court over his end of  'Automobile Alley'. Rumor has it, that the work will begin soon to bring  this building back to an 'Uptown' address.

Kickn' Broadway was fun and brought back memories. Perhaps we will do it again, with new angles! Automobile Alley with it's  long time association from the early days of automobiles, makes a new challange! Food for thought!

Kicken' Broadway!


  1. Parker this has been a wonderful series of stories you've done on Kicken' Broadway.

    Thank you

  2. This has been a great series Parker. It brought back lots of memories.

    Aren't there one or two car dealerships still there on Broadway or have they all gone? I know a lot of things changed once they put the "new" highway in running north and south.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! The series was fun to do.
    Correct you are Ron. Mercedes-Benz and Volvo still have a large presence and do alot of buisness on N. Broadway.

  4. I just love the character that old building have. This could be nice with a little TLC.

  5. for some reason, google reader has dropped your feed out of my feed reader! your blog popped up on my sidebar w/ a new post and yet you're not listed in my feed!

    sorry! i tried to sign in to follow again so hope it'll be restored soon!

  6. This was a fun and entertaining series. I enjoyed the history part. It will be interesting to see what happens to 'Automobile Alley'. I hope this place gets a little TLC...I sure love those old buildings. Happy Sunday Parker. =)

  7. Hi Parker, Thank you as usual for your supportive comments over at A Camp Host's Meanderings. I loved what you wrote about your Fiver. I can tell she provides a very space in your life filled with quality. I've gone out over the past many days and picked up a few things to give the Jazz a little lift - some new dish towels, new dinette and sofa seat covers, a little bulletin board for pictures and the like. It was a heck of alot cheaper than buying a new house! LOL! I'm settling down and in for another long stay with her. Life is good. I hope you have a very great week Parker! Take care, Levonne

  8. I have been enjoyed reading your Broadway post. Not too many people out there really pay attention to the details of the landmark like you did. We got to bring you to Hawaii to do a story on the Fantasy Island. Looking forward to see more of your flash back history.


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