Thursday, February 9, 2012

7 ways to spot a tourist...

1. Posing with statues and other inanimate object is the first and most obvious give away.

2. Taking stupid pictures. Many times these pictures are of poor composition and quality. (Note the background is not level)

3. An aloha shirt is the sign of a tourist on holiday. Matching his and hers aloha shirts are an even surer sign.

4. Often tourists have information brochures, maps and other similar information in their hands.

5. Tourists wear clothing while on holiday that they would never be caught in dead where they really live! (this includes footwear)

6. Most tourists sport a silly don't have a care in the world smile on their faces. (And a big stack of credit card receipts in their pockets)

7. Pasty white legs! This is the surest way to spot a tourist in paradise.


  1. LOL!!! Are you sure that wasn't you on the beach?? :~)

    I think your list is dead on for picking a tourist out of the crowd. The only thing you left off is they will be carrying a camera around their neck.

  2. LOL! It's a good one. You are sure looks good for a man in the 50's. What kind vitamin are you taking?

    I think I need to go find a less stressful job, so I can look like Ron, not Ron, I meant like you Paul 10 years from now.

  3. OH yea, what's wrong with wearing aloha shirts? I wear them here in Kansas anytime it's warm. No, really, I do. I love aloha shirts for a couple of reasons.

    I got all kinds of comments back when I was a P.I. and Magnum P.I. was on TV. I always just told everybody the shirts were less expensive than the car! LOL

  4. LOL! You seem well versed on the subject! Did you have a teacher or was trial and error the method used? Now that the rules have been established and printed with a proper illustrative photo for an example; I feel much better informed for planning an Island retreat if my desires ever leaned that way. I would with certain wish to blend in and not be a standout at the many social functions to be attended! Tsk!Tsk!

    Thank you 'My Good Man'Paul, for your generous shared wisdom for being an informed traveler. PS: Do you think the use of darkened eyeware to counter the glare of fishbelly legs would be allowed?

  5. Paul, your post has had me laughing all morning. Your sense of humor is fantastic! Just had to come back and read it again! The mental images the rules conjur up are hilarious!

  6. These are really great! And so true! =)

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    I had a bit of a time composing this post as I was laughing so hard I kept getting tears in my eyes!

    It's good to laugh at yourself now and then... Keeps you humble!

  8. Lol, I'd have to agree with all except for #2... you have guys like me who live in Hawaii and we run around taking stupid pictures all the time! Fun post!


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