Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lots and lots of color

Here are some more shots taken on the windward side of Maui during our drive to Hana. We stopped in several places to look at the plant life. The difference between the two sides of the island is amazing with the windward side being lush and green everywhere and the leeward side being dry and more of a tan with some green thrown in every now and then.


  1. You take amazing photographs! These flowers are gorgeous and yes, lots of nice colors. =)

  2. Enjoyed seeing these tropical flowers. The colors are so bright and vivid! Interesting observation about the difference from one side of the Island compared to the other. Bet the windward side receives more rain also.

  3. That's exactly right Parker. I think the windward side gets 300-400 inches a year and the leeward side gets about 30 inches.

    We actually saw one rancher on the leeward side watering the grass for his cows to eat.

  4. Indeed, the color is bold and graphic. Wonderful images!

  5. Spectacular Ron! All well balanced, well lit and in focus.

    The more I see of the Hana Road in your pictures the more I know I must visit this place one day!


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