Friday, February 17, 2012


Took a picture from about 1/2 mile away with the Sigma 120-400 (handheld) then cropped it to about 1/4 of it's original size to get this picture.
Just for the fun of it I was shooting in RAW and JPEG, this is the RAW version converted to JPEG in Photoshop.


  1. That came out really nice, especially for being that far away and cropping it as much as you did.

    Did you try doing the same thing with the JPEG version just to see what it would look like too?

    I'm curious about wha tyou thought about the adjustments you could make in RAW.

  2. Well done! Paul you need one of those to explore the Island you live on! Would go along with your boat. Pics from Air and Sea!

  3. Ron in answer to your question, I was a little confused at the initial adjustments in Photoshop just to get the RAW picture into the part of Photoshop I normally use.

    I have in the past used the software that came with my D90 to convert the RAW images and found it a little easier to work with.

    I'll keep playing around with this some more till I get a better idea what works best.

  4. Paul, I don't use photoshop to organize my photos so this may be different if you do. I keep them in separate files on my own so I know where they are. When I open a RAW image I just right click the image and then scroll to "open with" and then click on photoshop.

    That will automatically open photoshop in the edit page and it brings up the RAW converter at the same time. Then I make my RAW adjustments and then hit "open image" on the RAW converter page and that takes it to the editor for any fine tuning I want to do.


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