Monday, February 13, 2012

It SNOWED Last Night!

Well the snow finally decided to pay a visit to Oklahoma last night! I was beginning to think the white stuff was going to miss us this year. Oh well, enjoy it while it's here because it won't hang around long. The temp is already up to 34F and climbing to 40F this afternoon, so I had to get busy if any pics were to be captured before it melted. All the pics were taken from the backyard and screened in porch. Still had my pajamas and houseshoes on! Hope you enjoy them! The pics that is!

Whether in Sunshine or Snow, may your cameras find natures handiwork and beauty in your pics today! Sometimes it's fleeting, as this snow will be!


  1. nice to get a taste of winter there! we have rains this morning, but we need those, too!

  2. Well thanks for reminding me it's cold outside! LOL

    Nice shots for being taken in your PJ's and probably with a warm cup of coffee near by. I especially like the first one.

    We got about 1.5 inches last night ourselves here in Kansas. Brrrrr!

  3. I love your screened in porch...the snow really adds to your photos. It snowed for a few minutes in Las Vegas last year...Lovely shots. =)

  4. Beautiful photos! We thought we going to have some snow in the morning, but the ground still too warm. I like the way you decorated your backyard. Very Nice!

  5. Photographer in PJ's and slippers, talk about roughing it! LOL

    Comfortable looking back yard and porch. Looks like a peaceful place to relax. The snow makes everything look sugar frosted!

  6. Yep! Paul, life gets pretty tuff around here. PJ's and slippers stayed on untill noon. No rush on a snow day. Haven't seen one of these 3 foot snows since Dad had us up in Libby,Montana when I was a kid. Funny! I don't remember those snows melting off by noon!LOL


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