Monday, February 13, 2012

Holding my breath

I learned two things about underwater photography on my recent trip to Hawaii. Because I had a sinus infection for most of the trip I was unable to scuba dive and could only snorkel.

The first thing I learned is that it can be difficult to get a good shot underwater when you don't have air to breath. I was working along a shallow reef one day and decided to dive down to take a few pictures. Without a scuba tank I only had about a minute and a half to find, compose and take the shot before I had to surface for air. This meant everything was rushed which made it hard to get any really good photos as you can see by the ones that I posted.

The second thing I learned is you have to watch the currents along a shallow reef. Since the water was shallow it moved around a lot more which in turn moved me around a lot more. This made for a lot of blurry pictures and a time that I was almost hamburger meat. I got just a little too close to the reef once with an outgoing wave and just about got drug over the reef. I was able to get a quick hand hold on the reef itself as I was being carried out before the wave drug me completely across it. Needless to say, I stayed a few feet farther from the reef after that!

The first two pictures were taken along the bottom of the reef and the third photo was taken from shore as a perspective. If you look closely at the bottom of the wave on the right you can see the reef through the water.


  1. ooh. i'm getting seasick/nauseous just thinking about snorkeling...

  2. Strange things and a very different world exists below the surface of that blue water!

  3. I am always amazed by the life under water. Great shots.

  4. interesting...beautiful photos.

  5. With a Sinus problem, but it doesn't keep you out of the water! I guess you don't want to waste time on the island. I don't see any blurry pictures, this is exactly how to look under water when you snorkel.

  6. Nothing wrong with these pictures, sounds like quite the adventure getting them though!

    What camera are you using for your underwater photos? Surely not a housing for your D300?


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