Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling a little Froggie

I wanted to share my photo taken from a point and shoot camera that Ron let me use in Hawaii. :) I spotted this little guy hanging around the pond on a beautiful sunny Hawaiian day!



  1. Impressive photograph! This came out real nice!

    Stephanie (my wife) has a Nikon point and shoot camera. On a very regular basis she comes up with pictures of things I walked right past... Nothing wrong with the quality of pictures that come out of these cameras either.

  2. Rivet! Rivet! A nice shot of an Island Critter you have captured! Hope you enjoyed your Hawaii Safari!

  3. I like the angle of this frog! The water drops on the leafs really add some details to this photo. Also, you have a steady hands to shoot up close like this, and the picture is very sharp. I wish my wife take pictures on our vacation so I can sit back and relax.


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