Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boogie Board Fun

I found this guy having a blast on the windward side of the island one day. As I was watching him he was doing 360 degree turns on the boogie board as he was riding the wave.


  1. Like the wave action and spray they are creating! From the looks of things, it wasn't that guy's first rodeo riding waves!

  2. so much coordination!

    i emailed parker to ask if you would consider removing word verification from your blog. it is too difficult to decipher now, and i've got to stop commenting on blogs that use it. i spend WAY too much time in Blogland as it is, and now this is just plain frustrating! thanks!

  3. Those arn't small waves this guy is riding, in fact these are pretty serious sized waves!

    Nice pictures Ron, good find!


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