Friday, February 24, 2012

17 miles straight up!

No, not really but for Parkers's sake I'll say it is. It is pretty much straight up though and I'm assuming there is probably a cave somewhere on that mountain. LOL

Grab your back pack Parker and let's go hiking!

This is one of the smaller mountains on Maui. It is located just north of Lahaina. Pretty much just across the road. A few low clouds were rolling in that day. I thought it might rain but it never did.


  1. LOL! That's my story and I'm sticking with it!
    Now that's the part of Hawaii I would want to visit. Away from all the tourists. We could take a circuitous approach gaining altitude until we reached the ridgeline. Follow the ridgeline for the remaining 12 miles until we reached the summit, all the while searching for remote caves containing valuable offerings left to the tiki gods!LOL
    Is that 'Pine Trees' standing beside the Palm?

  2. Well if we take that route I'm going to need a bigger backpack and somebody to carry it for me! LOL

    That is pine trees in the foreground. I was told they were called "Cook Island" pine trees but I think there is another name for them. They are a differnt kind of pine with thick, dark green needles.

  3. Really like this picture!

    I think they are called Norfolk Pines as they are native to Norfolk Island.

    Looks like a fun hike but wouldn't you find caves and treasure in the valleys rather than the ridges?

  4. Gorgeous. I was in Maui for three weeks last winter and was just on Kauai for the same . I would go back to Kauai in a heartbeat.

  5. Paul, for the most part you are correct. The treasures would be lower in the valleys but whenever natural caves are present you just never know.

    When it comes to hiking, I would probably stay in the valley as long as posible! LOL

  6. What 's there NOT to like about Maui?!!


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