Friday, February 10, 2012

Following in Paul's footsteps

If your a tourist there always has to be the obligatory photo of you taking a photo, thanks to my wife Cheryl, of course.

I thought about trying to put a tan on my legs in Nikon's NX2 but then I thought, nah, I'll just shock everyone's senses awake this mornning! There's nothing like looking at a fat old man with bright white legs to make you feel better. LOL

I really do need to move to Hawaii just to destress. Two weeks every six years just isn't enough to do the trick. Does gray hair go away???


  1. And I thought you lived in Hawaii full time! You look in your element there... not very touristy to me. =)

  2. Man O Man! Don't know whats in the air today but I hope it's not catching! Grown men showing legs that look like they are washed in whitening toothpaste!LOL I wonder if it has to do with those sculptures that they get their pics taken with? The most probable cause, after thinking about, is more likely, Island Fever. Ron, Paul,and Q seem to come down with a recurring case of this from time to time. I have been hiking and hanging out with Ron in 100 degree Oklahoma weather and never knew he even owned a pair of short pants! Those legs are a hazard to other peoples eyes! The fever never seems to quite go away, even in spring and summer or fall for Ron. On my last camping trip Ron and Cheryl were my neighbors. Shirts with large flowers and palm trees, in bright colors, seemed to be the dress code of the day. A large Palm Tree that lit up at night, stood guard at the door of the motor home. I believe the Polynesian sounds of steel guitars softly playing could be heard!
    The fever when it cools a little never seems to completely go away, and I guess from what I've been told, the worst side effect is when the credit card bills hit, after coming home from trying to be cured in the Islands!LOL

  3. Well at least you could tell me from the tiki! LOL

    Going on vacation where nobody knows you and the locals expect you to act like a touristy haole (how-lay, non-Hawaiian) always helps with how you dress. Other than inside the house I think Hawaii is the only place I wear shorts but I guess the lily white legs probably gave that away!

    The only cure for island fever is to live there and the best cure for the credit card bills is not to use the credit card to begin with. Cheryl and I have opted for the cash version of our vacations, if we don't have it we don't spend it.

    You really should try the islands sometime Parker. I think you and the wife would enjoy it immensely. When I win the lottery (and I will!) one of the first things I'm going to do is pay your way to Hawaii, First Class of course with all of the "accoutrments". You'll never want to go back home.

  4. I think my computer monitor is perm burned whee your legs were in that bottom picture, might just be my eyes to! LOL

  5. I think my computer monitor is perm burned whee your legs were in that bottom picture, might just be my eyes to! LOL

  6. Ron, don't leave me, and Paul on the mainland.
    By looking your picture, actually you looks a lot younger in the picture. It must be the island air I hope!

  7. These are great shots. Paul's too. Nice looking Tiki sculptures.

  8. That's quite the Tiki you found there!

    All this talk about Hawaii has got me thinking about going back already and I only just got back!

    I think you and Cheryl are on the right track looking at moving there.

    I agree 2 weeks every few years just doesn't cut it for me either!

  9. Cheryl and I were just talking last night over her sushi about when we will be moving Q. You and Paul will just have to suffer through on the mainland until you can come and visit. We are thinking probably the middle of next summer for our move.


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